Treatments & Therapies

Consultations Required

Certain therapies and treatments require consultations.Consultations are crucial in our therapeutic approach as they allow our certified doctors and trained providers to thoroughly understand each client’s health history, concerns, and goals. By aligning our goals with our client’s goals during these consultations, we can develop tailored treatment plans that address specific needs, ensuring the effectiveness and safety of therapies.

Woman during the cosmetology consultation

Achieve Your Goals with Our Certified Providers and Doctors.

Our Approach

Customized Plans for Vitality & Longevity

Our personalized approach fosters a collaborative relationship, empowering clients to participate actively in their well-being journey and achieve optimal results.

  • Make an Appointment

    Easily book your consultation online at a time and day that is most convenient for you! Depending on the service plan to possibly receive treatment during this appointment as well!

  • Meet With Our Providers

    Our certified providers will take the time to understand your goals and discuss treatment options to help you achieve the best results.

  • Personalized Plans & Treatments

    Your consultation, will equip you with a meticulously crafted, personalized roadmap to effectively pursue and attain your goals. Certain consultations offer same-day treatments.

HUGE fan of Norspring. They are always so helpful and knowledgeable. Being a retired ballerina, I have to take care of my battered body more than a normal 31 year old should. It’s affordable and I always feel better after my treatments. I trust them with all of my aches and pains!

Madyson Foster
Madyson Foster

Retired Ballerina

I’ve been a client at Norspring since the first year they opened and have utilized just about every service they have to offer- each has helped/continues to help my well-being and physical recovery to keep doing what I love to do with outdoor recreation. And not only is the staff friendly and knowledgeable, they show genuine care with their clients. I highly recommend this facility!!

Kristn C
Kristn C

Just went for the first time and I had a great experience. The staff was the epitome of friendly and professional. They took the time to explain everything and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. I felt safe and relaxed and after treatment felt refreshed with a burst of energy. It was a very enjoyable experience.

Chad B
Chad B

Life Without Limits

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